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The Sheriffs' Institute Training Conferences

The Sheriffs’ Institute co-sponsors with the New York State Sheriffs’ Association a series of annual training conferences that focus on the principal responsibilities of Sheriff’s Offices in New York State. In addition, we co- sponsor with the Sheriffs’ Association a conference for Undersheriffs. Training conferences include:

Civil Supervisor Training Conference

This conference offers a curriculum to help those tasked with supervising a Sheriff’s Offices civil process unit stay current with state statutes and court cases that are constantly changing.  It also highlights the best practices in civil offices throughout the State of New York. In addition, a panel of experts takes questions from the attendees on how to deal with complicated civil process events.

Conference on Victim Notification Services

This conference, sponsored by the Sheriffs’ Institute, is a forum that brings law enforcement, crime victims’ advocates, crime victims, and prohibition officers together to share ideas, build cooperation and learn about effective programs that help and serve victims of crime. The VINE Conference is always held in April during national crime victims’ week. 

Undersheriffs are the second in command at Sheriffs' Offices. They need to be able to carry out the duties the Sheriff assigns them and be prepared to fill in for the Sheriff in their absence. This conference puts forward an agenda that is focused on topics that will help an Undersheriff meet the challenges of their responsibilities. Currently 18 of the current Sheriffs served as Undersheriffs. 

Law Enforcement Supervisor Training Conference

This conference is focused on training curriculum related to the supervision of both road patrol deputy sheriffs and criminal investigators.  The general focus is management techniques, technological development and advancement, labor contract interpretation and administration, review of new laws and court decisions.

Jail Administrator Training Conference

Jail Administrators have extremely demanding jobs as they deal with a variety of regulatory agencies. In addition, new federal and state statutes, as well as court cases at both the federal and state level often influence a jail's policy and procedures. The training curriculum at this conference relates to overseeing the operation of a county jail, with the agenda focusing on new management techniques, collective bargaining contracts, programs that have been implemented to reduce the recidivism rate and correctional facility trends at the state and national level.

Civil Schools

he New York State Sheriffs' Institute provides the only statewide training programs for Sheriffs’ civil personnel in the State of New York. The schools include a two-week training program for entry level deputy sheriffs and civilian personnel working in Sheriffs’ civil divisions; a one-week training for supervisory personnel in those divisions, one-day “refresher” courses, and one-day training programs for Sheriffs and Undersheriffs. These services have been provided since 1977. We have held over 60 civil schools and trained about 1,400 Sheriffs, Undersheriffs, deputies and civilian personnel in these civil school programs.

Programs include:

  • Introduction to civil process
  • Service of process
  • Service and enforcement of income and property executions
  • Service and enforcement of eviction warrants
  • Service and enforcement of arrest warrants
  • Service of Family Court process
  • Sales of personal and real property to satisfy judgments
  • Service and enforcement of provisional remedies (e.g., orders of attachment and orders of seizure; calculation of Sheriffs’ fees; accounting and bookkeeping practices for Sheriffs’ civil office personnel; legal liability for improper collection or remission of fees collected by the Sheriff’s Office
  • Supervisory control of civil division matters
  • Development of supervisory policies and procedures for all civil division matters needed by civil division chiefs
  • Development and review of supervisory materials needed by Undersheriffs and Sheriffs
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