You Have to Laugh

7/14/17, by Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty

Law enforcement deals with some of country's most serious issues on a daily basis, but there are times when the moment does lighten a bit. Here is one of Sheriff Dougherty's favorite stories in his own words:

"I got sent on a call to a house down in the Town of Conesus and was the first deputy on the scene. It was a cold, snowy day in the middle of winter. A guy had called 911 and said that he wanted to get a car towed out of a driveway, but that he wasn't the home owner. Already that didn't sound right, but I went on to the house. While on the way there, a second man called our 911 center. This guy said he was down the road at a neighbor’s and had been assaulted by someone at the same house as the initial tow job call. He said that the man who was stuck in the driveway had hit him. As I pulled in, the first guy's car was in fact stuck. Well, it turns out these guys knew each other. They had broken into the house and loaded anything they could fit into the car to steal. The driveway was really snow covered and they couldn't get out. Oh, they tried. They tried so much that they ran out of gas as they tried over and over again to start it. Not realizing it was a gas issue and not a battery issue, they stole a battery out of another vehicle in the driveway and continued to try to start the car. They finally ended up unloading everything out of the car and back into the house so they didn't get busted, but then they got into a fist fight in the driveway due to their frustration with each other and the vehicle. They both then called 911; one for a tow and the other to report the assault. The first caller still had jewelry on him that I discovered during a pat down and the second caller admitted the crime. Needless to say, they both went to jail."

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You Have to Laugh