Happy New Year

1/25/18, by Yates County Sheriff & NYS Sheriffs' Institute Chairman Ronald Spike

As I turned the page of my desk calendar to a new year this month, it gave me a moment to pause and look back at what the New York State Sheriffs’ Institute has accomplished over the past 12 months and what we’re looking forward to in the year ahead.

Perhaps most obvious is that we updated our look and feel with a fresh new logo and website and have started using more digital means of communications online in addition to our printed materials and mailings. Prominent speakers influenced our training conferences, including elder justice advocate Philip Marshall, and we had record high attendance at our civil officer training schools, which is critical in this day and age with civil responsibilities making up such a significant amount of a Sheriff’s Office responsibilities. We also secured a major grant, which will help us update technology and raise awareness of our Crime Victim Services, as well as increase registration across New York to help keep more people safe. Finally, last year more than 900 disadvantaged kids got to go to camp at no cost to their families.

It occurred to me this summer, while attending an Institute meeting at the camp with many other state sheriffs, that the Sheriffs’ Summer Camp is not just a camp experience for kids, but a positive life experience. They’re trying new things, gaining confidence, and building positive relationships with law enforcement. It’s a special place and we’re grateful for all of your generosity to help keep the camp going. 

The keyword for 2018 is stability. To be firmly established with regards to funding and budgeting is incredibly important to continue to support our mission in the way we do. Our support of police training and education, victims’ rights and services, and our state’s youth are stronger than ever. The cooperation of our team of 58 sheriffs statewide, their officers and the people who live in each county is a very important way in which we continue to support public safety, civility and hope in our communities.

Thank you again to our donors – YOU are making a difference!


Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike
Chairman of the New York State Sheriffs’ Institute

Happy New Year