A Message from Executive Director Christopher O’Brien

In our rapidly changing society, there are many law enforcement and public safety issues in each county that have to be addressed on a statewide level. That’s why all 58 County Sheriffs are members of the New York State Sheriffs’ Association Institute.

The Sheriffs’ Association Institute was formed in 1979 to make a difference by combining efforts with Sheriffs across the state. The Institute helps by communicating critical updates, providing professional training and education, and bringing about necessary improvements. These are just some of the ways the Institute helps. In short, they provide our officers with the help they need for the best public safety programs possible. To become even more effective, the Sheriffs’ Institute has always relied on the long-standing support of our Honorary Members. These are citizens like you, who live and work in our state.

In addition to the professional services we provide, the Sheriffs’ Association Institute focuses on other civic-minded ways to make a difference. For example, each year our Sheriffs’ Summer Camp provides a wholesome summertime experience for hundreds of our state’s disadvantaged children. Our goal is to help children to become good and respectful citizens by using an environment and format that’s fun and exciting for them. Last year alone, over 800 children attended the camp! This year, we are making plans to serve even more children.

The Sheriffs’ Association Institute also offers over 30 scholarships annually for deserving criminal justice students in each of our state’s community colleges.

I’d like to invite you to become an Honorary Member of the Sheriffs’ Association Institute. Please join us in our worthwhile efforts. When you join, you will receive a 2010 membership card for your wallet, a special bumper sticker, and an exclusive window decal. You will also receive periodic newsletters published by the Sheriffs’ Association Institute.

I hope you will accept this invitation to join today!


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Christopher G. O’Brien,
Executive Director
New York State Sheriffs’ Association Institute, Inc.